Fort Knox Europe Ltd Safes

Protect your precious guns, jewellery and personal effects with the luxury they deserve

Luxurious and secure

Fort Knox Maverick gun safes are fun and pleasing to the eye with an automotive-grade high gloss finish. Choose from a range of 12 colours, including the standard stock colour, the beautiful black cherry offering a lifetime luster, or a textured finish that's durable and resistant to finger prints. Fitments are available in a choice of stainless steel or 14ct Gold plated finish. The imposing five star locking wheel gives your Maverick importance whilst exuding a feeling of strength and security.

Smooth, secure access

Tamper-proof ball bearing hinges allow your Maverick’s door to open a full 180º, giving you smooth easy access to your guns and possessions.

Soft velvet velour finishes to interior walls, shelves and gun slots hold your guns in a firm but gentle embrace.

Gun and shelving positions are available to your choice, giving you storage from 12 to 50 guns. On larger Mavericks the top shelf can be adjusted to feature your watch winders with discreet electrical ports at the rear.

Your Maverick safe can be supplied with an inner door organiser/tidy giving you a variety of storage options together with a cargo net and zippered pockets. Lockable ammunition boxes are also available for secure use inside.

Choose a Maverick that fits your home

Model Height Width Volume Depth Depth with Lock Wheel Weight Gun Storage Positions Locking Bolts
Model 7241 72 ½" 41" 45 CU. FT. 27" 30" 975 LBS 22 9
Model 6637 66 ½" 37" 36 CU. FT. 27" 30" 857 LBS 20 9
Model 6041 60 ½" 41" 36 CU. FT. 27" 30" 784 LBS 22 9
Model 6031 60 ½" 31" 28 CU. FT. 27" 30" 714 LBS 17 9
Model 6026 60 ½" 26" 16 CU. FT. 20" 23" 531 LBS 11 9
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